Best Gaming Chairs of 2021

If you’re looking for a new chair and are an avid gamer, you might be interested in a dedicated gaming chair. Manufacturers of furniture are seeing to our needs, involving long nights of high-end gaming. But not all of these chairs are equal — many chairs are barely considered ergonomic. While weeding the rotten apples out, our recommendations on the best gaming chairs will guide you towards a solid seat for your gaming needs.

Why would I need a gaming chair?

A gaming chair is rarely a necessity. You could probably game on a barstool, after all. Gaming chairs do however tailor towards specific needs. This involves high adjustability for optimal positioning towards your gaming peripherals, as well as overall comfort. The latter is especially important, as gaming (or streaming) can keep you seated for hours on end. Gaming chairs tend to help you get through those nights comfortably. 

Picutre of a gaming room, with front and center a Secretlab Omega chair, which many consider one of the best gaming chairs out there.

How gaming chairs exactly do that, is explained in our Buying Guide for Gaming Chairs. That article will get you started on what you can expect from higher end gaming furniture. Today, we will be listing some of our recommendations on the best gaming chairs for you to consider. And no, not all of our picks have to be gaming-oriented — some prefer office chairs for gaming, anyway.

Consider these picks some of the best gaming chairs

Let’s be real: no one can just crown a seat “the best gaming chair” for all. When it comes to your bottom and back, it’s mostly a matter of taste. Our top picks will feature many different chairs, all performing great in their respective class. No matter your size, weight, budget, or the aesthetic of your set-up — there’s bound to be something for you. 

Apart from style and size, we favor chairs that offer affordable comfort. Proven ergonomic design will most definitely cost more, but even at lower budgets, there’s always an option that will properly support your body. 

All of the strictly gaming-oriented recommendations come with a standard set of features. These include optional pillows for lumbar and neck support, adjustable armrests, caster wheels, and hydraulic lifts. With that being said, let’s get to listing some of the best gaming chairs out there. 

Secretlab Omega — Best overall gaming chair

The new king of gaming chairs is incredibly comfortable, extremely customizable, and looks good in front of a webcam or behind an office desk. The Omega series is Secretlabs’s mid-range chair, and it nails everything that a gaming chair should be. 

First off, this relatively wide seat looks rather professional. One problem with gaming chairs is the inability to look classy. Despite keeping the angled racing design, the Omega series just looks like it’s above “gamer-y.” aesthetics. There are many different options for color as well, but they all look incredibly sharp. Gamers who prefer sleeker chairs will definitely find something they like. 

Secretlab Omega 2020 Prime 2.0 PU Leather LCS Gaming Chair
  • Secretlab PRIME 2.0 PU Leather - Sit easier with the new Secretlab PRIME 2.0 PU leather, no matter how intense your games get. Engineered to be 4...
  • Maxed-out Ergonomics - The upgraded OMEGA contains an even thicker layer of cold-cure foam to provide extreme cushioning and support. The overall...
  • Full-length Backrest Recline - Ergonomic support is not the only function of the full-length backrest. Should you feel tired at the desk, the backrest...

The Omega series itself is extremely adjustable, with the oft-touted 4D armrests. These four-dimensional side parts are great for positioning your elbows flush with your desk, resulting in the best angle for mousing performance. There are even different caster options available, including rubberized wheels. If you don’t want your floor scratched up, always opt for rollerblade-like wheels.

It’s hard to call out a direct flaw in this design. The Omega range comes at an excellent price, and just has feature after feature. This is easily one of the best gaming chairs you’ll find today, without throwing thousands at a Herman Miller.

Vertagear S-Line SL5000 — A solid runner-up in comfort

Vertagear’s SL5000 immediately starts off winning points by using the patented “slide-in” design, which renders it near effortless to assemble. The chair itself is covered in synthetic leather, a current favorite material amongst gaming chair manufacturers. It looks nice, and is usually quite durable.

VERTAGEAR VG-SL5000_BK S-Line 5000 Gaming Chair, Large, Black/Carbon
  • Effortless Assembly - "Slide-in" design creates a quick one-person installation process
  • Steel Frame and Ultra Premium HR(High Density) Resilience Foam
  • Reinforced 5-Star Base - Redesigned and constructed from a heavy-duty aluminum alloy material that assures a solid structure

The SL5000 is pretty generous in size, meaning larger gamers won’t be left in the cold. Tall or particularly heavy gamers will still be able to comfortably use the SL5000. With neat 4D armrests and a recline up to 140 degrees, it’s quite a package.

It might lack some durable charm that higher-end competitors feature. The surface fabric might get worn out over time, although that will probably only happen after years of use. In addition, the SL5000 comes with hard plastic casters, leaving nice vinyl ones to the aftermarket. 

DXRacer Racing Series — Part of the Twitch streamer starter kit

Rarely do we recommend a product for gaining street cred or looking flashy, but here we are. Content creation sometimes pushes people to look the part. The gaming chairs from DXRacer just do that. Not only are they generous with sponsoring streamers, DXRacer gear isn’t shy about invoking a “hey, look at me” attitude. It’s become kind of a thing to flex one of these bad boys on YouTube or Twitch.

DXRacer Racing Series OH/RV131/NO Office Gaming Chair
  • Ergonomic design-- more efficiently and comfortably, Free bonus: headrest cushion & lumbar cushion
  • Patent race car seat breathable material: Carbon Look Vinyle and PU cover
  • Extra higher backrest to save neck and spinal, Flexible seat back with adjustment

Styling aside, DXRacer makes a solid racing chair, the Racing series being their most iconic one. It’s comfortable enough, it comes in many colors, and even collaborative editions. They also offer chairs for larger gamers, smaller gamers, and those wanting top-tier features, like 4D armrests or thick faux leather. If you’re looking for a lot of options, DXRacer probably has the biggest catalog.

The downside of DXRacer is, ironically, also the styling. Even the blacked-out versions of DXRacer chairs stand out, with their flashy racing-like approach and many stitched logos. That can look cool in a gaming set-up, but it appears out-of-touch for those looking for more subtle furniture. 

Also note that hard plastic casters are usually the default for DXRacer, not the nice vinyl alternatives. In certain cases, you can opt for these or have them replaced later.  

Herman Miller Aeron — Still king of office comfort

If you value ergonomics over flashiness, Herman Miller reigns supreme. The renowned furniture company is known for some of the best office chairs, with world-class ergonomic design. The Aeron (introduced in 1992) proved one of their most beloved designs, even making the Museum of Modern Arts permanent collection

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair - Size B, Graphite
  • Your purchase includes One Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair – Size B, graphite color
  • Chair dimensions: 41" H x 27" W x 16.75" D. Seat heights: 16”-20.5”.
  • Tilt Limiter lets you set the recline range at one of three postures. Tension control lets you adjust the amount of effort needed to recline...

The Aeron is closer to bespoke gear, a type of symbol of the office. Design-wise, it’s definitely from the 90’s, but comfort-wise? It’s from ergonomics heaven. As you move, the chair softly wraps around you, spreading support over your spine and body. It’s a vibe. 

This was meant to keep office workers comfortably through their day, but could easily assist you in an all-nighter raid too. It comes at quite the price, though — that’s for sure. But it’s definitely worth it if you’re serious about comfort and posture. Those who have felt this, know

Herman Miller X Logitech Embody — Where ergonomics and gaming meet

The be-all and end-all to the battle between gaming and office chairs — Herman Miller teamed up with the gaming division of Logitech, to create the quintessential new gaming chair. It’s based on Herman Miller’s iconic Embody, with some slight tweaks to the design.

Promotional image of the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair, considered one of the best gaming chairs overall.

Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair offers world class ergonomics. The patented Backfit Adjustment will automatically envelop your spine, all the way up to your neck. Copper-infused coaling foam ensures the chair stays comfortable, without any heat building up. 

Herman Miller’s physicians ensure optimal blood flow, by eliminating pressure buildup over your body. Almost everything about the Embody is tailored to keep your posture supported correctly, making this probably the healthiest gaming chair to date.  

Corsair T1 Race — Vinyl wheels for speedy repositioning

Corsair came into the gaming chair late, but they hit the ground running. The T1 Race chair brings in luxury features at a mid-range cost. It’s a neat racing-style seat, with wide 4D armrests and even some rubberized caster wheels. The T1 model is sleek, and especially quite elongated, fitting most tall gamers.

CORSAIR WW T1 Gaming Chair Racing Design, Black
  • Steel Seat and Back frame: solid Steel Construction enables you to plant yourself and ensures sturdiness for years to come
  • 4D-movement armrests: Raise or lower the Height of the armrests, move them left or right, forwards or backwards, or swivel them to your desired...
  • Nylon caster wheels: heavy duty wheels stay-put when you’re gaming, provide stability on all surfaces, but also glide when you Need to shift your...

Corsair’s T2 Road Warrior offers roughly the same feature set, with a slightly wider seating. Both models come with a handful of colorized versions, but the blacked-out version suits the design especially well. It’s still a gaming chair, alright, but it has a slightly less abrasive style to it.

As a downside, parts of the synthetic leather aren’t all that sturdy. The T1 in particular can get “flakey” after some years of intensive use. Considering the mid-range approach and otherwise luxury feel, that isn’t all that bad. 

Steelcase Series 1 — Affordable office chair performance

If you’re looking for Herman Miller quality, without the Herman Miller price tag, Steelcase might just be your best shot. The Series 1 range is a veteran to many offices, but is also still affordable to many consumers. Consider this the working man’s Aeron.

Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair - Licorice
  • Back mesh and Connect seat fabric are 100% polyester
  • Wheels for carpet flooring
  • Ergonomic chair – this stool height model includes adjustable seat depth, fully adjustable arms, adjustable lumbar, pneumatic seat height...

Comfort is pretty good on the Series 1, although this chair won’t be for everyone. It has ample padding and flex in its meshes, but it will only be enough for lighter people. If you are on the heavier side, this might come short in offering you proper support. 

There’s still a lot of adjustability to it, making sure many people do find the right fit. And when it does, the Series 1 makes for a great chair to work (or game) for hours on end. It won’t envelop you like Herman Miller’s competitor does, but it’s refined enough for solid ergonomics.

Let’s all take a seat

That’s it for our recommendations on the best gaming chairs of today. No matter budget or taste, there should be something that caught your eye — or back, in this case.

If you want to read up more on gaming chairs, before making a move, we’ve got you covered. Get your questions answered in our F.A.Q on Gaming Chairs, or check out our extensive Gaming Chair Buying Guide on what to look for in higher-tier models.

Got any other questions or suggestions? Be sure to hit us up, through the comments down below! We would love to keep talking on what the right option for your bottom could be. If you make a strong case for a chair we might have overlooked in our selection, we might just update our selection with your input.

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