Best Gaming Chair 2019

Top 12 Best Gaming Chairs of 2019

Welcome to the last buying guide you need in your search for the best gaming chair. I’ve spent my life as a gamer and put my blood and sweat into this guide to help my readers find their perfect companion. We spend a lot of time in our chairs and it is important to find something that fits our style and budget.

If you need help understanding what to look for in a chair and how I chose my favorites, JUMP TO THE BUYING GUIDE that will walk you through everything you need to find the perfect chair.

If you just want to see my favorites, check out the picks for each type of chair:

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Here are the top 12 best gaming chairs of 2019:


4GamerGear Vertagear S-Line SL5000 Racing Series Gaming Chair (Rev. 2) Oct. 2016 (Black/White)


GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Video Game Chair Ergonomic Backrest and Seat Height Adjustment with Pillows Recliner Swivel Rocker Headrest and Lumbar Tilt E-Sports Chair (Black/Red)


Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair: Tilt Limiter/Seat Angle - PostureFit SL - Fully Adj Arms - Black Vinyl Armpad - Carpet Caster


Office Star High Back Breathable ProGrid Back and Seat Adjustable Black Managers Chair, Gunmetal Finish


X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair, Wireless

I'll start with the best overall gaming chairs for each category. If you have a specific use case, just browse down this list and you will find my favorite.

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If this isn't your first stop, you probably recognize the SL5000 as the top pick for some of the other buying guides. It is a great option if you don't find the DXRacer style to your liking.

It has a great design and is very easy to assemble. There is a lot of time put into the stitching and overall quality.

Unlike some of the more budget options, it has a steel frame with a lifetime warranty and high-density foam that will keep its shape for a long time.

The armrests are adjustable up, down, left, right and side-to-side so you can find the perfect fit for your arms.

It can adjust to any reclining position between 90 and 170 degrees and is covered with high-quality PVC leather that will resist stains and water as long as you clean them up quickly.

The steel frame also allows it to handle up to 330 pounds of weight.

2. DXRacer Racing Series

In my opinion, the DXRacer looks the most like a race car seat. I loved sitting in it and although it looks a little more minimal than the Vertagear it has a very bold look.

If you watch many streams on Twitch, you will also notice that DXRacer is one of the most common chairs among streamers. DXRacer has definitely built themselves a brand that is synonymous with gaming.

It has an ergonomic design (not quite the same level as the Aeron) and is 4D adjustable so you can find the perfect position for gaming and avoid back and shoulder pain. One of the major differences between the higher-end models and the budget models is the amount of adjusting that you can do and this chair is no different.

It also comes with a 24-month warranty on all of the parts as well as a lifetime warranty on the frame. If you ever have issues, you can quickly contact their support staff and get your issue cleared up quickly. Another perk of spending the extra money.

The GTRacing chair is simply better than the other options in the budget racing chair category. It comes in 4 colors and has something that the other don't, adjustable arm rests.

It also has a slightly larger frame which is great if you are over 250 lbs (the others max out around 275) or tall.

The foam is firm, but comfortable and keeps its shape after a few months of wear.

You can adjust it into 3 different reclining positions and the lumbar support and pillow are also fully adjustable. Overall, this is a great alternative to the more expensive picks if you are willing to give up the big brand name and a little bit of quality.

I recommend, and use, the Herman Miller chair in my gaming room and recommend it as the best PC gaming chair for all of my friends.

While it may not have the style and chic of the other top choices below, the ergonomic qualities and everlasting quality of the Herman Miller chairs won me over.

 I started looking for a new chair after the budget one from Office Depot gave me lower back pain after just a few hours in front of the computer. Hopefully, you are here before the issues have started!

It is important to invest in your health if you are going to be sitting for long amounts of time in front of a screen. Aside from investing in a good pair of gaming glasses, the right height gaming desk, ergonomic mice, and keyboards, your chair is an important piece of your gaming setup. I gladly spent the extra money on the Herman Miller chair to ensure I was taking care of myself and if you are comfortable spending a little more for a chair that will last you a long time, strongly consider the Herman Miller series.

The B size was right for me, but they also make an A size for smaller individuals and a C size if you need a little more width or height.

You can also purchase them with either carpet or hardwood casters so that you don't scratch up (or tangle up) your chair in your floor.

Here are the best racing style gaming chairs of 2019:

1. Vertagear S-Line SL5000 - Best Racing Style Gaming Chair 2019

I loved this chair so much, it made the top of my list as the best overall gaming chair of 2019. Jump to that section to see my thoughts.

2. DXRacer Racing Series - Runner-Up Best Racing Chair of 2019

Loved by streamers and gamers alike, this chair was my #2 top overall pick. See the dedicated section for it here.

3. AKRacing Racing Style Chair

If you are looking for something with a slightly lower price tag than the Aeron, and quite a bit more flair, the racing style chair from AKRacing not only looks fantastic, but it maximizes comfort for those long gaming sessions. You should only have to get up if you need to use the bathroom or sleep, not because your body is tired from sitting.

The chair itself is made out of leather and has a tubular steel frame, which makes it sturdy and perfect for people of all shapes and sizes. In fact, the class 4 piston that bears all of the weight can handle up to 330 lbs!

In terms of comfort, this chair really delivers, too. The padding is made out of high-density cold cure foam, which can retain its form after years of use. The cushioning is designed to prevent morphing from excessive use, so your chair will always feel like new even after years of use.

Other noteworthy features of this chair are that tilting and rocking function, which allows the user to gently sway back and forth for added comfort or tilt back up to 170° if you want to take a quick snooze.

This chair is sporty, comfortable, and comes with a very elegant black and white design with the AKRacing logo embroidered onto the headrest. AKRacing will also throw in a lumbar cushion to give your lower back optimal support as your game.

Here are the best budget racing chairs of 2019:

If you are looking for a cheap gaming chair this is the section for you. The budget category for racing chairs is filled with chairs that are almost identical. However, there are a few options that stand out above the rest. Expect to pay around $100 for each of these chairs which is a pretty steep discount to the likes of DXRacer

1. GTRacing E-Sports Chair - Best Budget Racing Chair 2019

This also made the list as one of the top overall chairs. See the dedicated section here.

2. Homall Racing Style Chair

Another contender in the budget category for racing style chairs is the Homall Racing Chair. It comes in 4 different color variations (which is uncommon for this price point) and has many of the features that are expected with a racing style chair.

It has multiple locking positions so you can recline, sit up straight, or rock back and forth.

It also comes with an adjustable lumbar support pillow and head pillow for maximum comfort.

Like the other budget racing style chairs, the Homall doesn't have adjustable arm rests and it isn't great for people with above average widths or heights.

3. BestOffice Racing Style Chair

If you don't have the budget to treat yourself to a DXRacer or AKRacer chair, the BestOffice variety will give you most of the features for a discount and is the cheapest racing chair in our list.

In a lot of cases, the budget chairs are just rebranded Chinese rip-offs that will wear down quickly and leave you regretting your purchase. Honestly, that is exactly what I thought of this chair when I first saw it.

But, the chair has stood up to standard wear and tear of gaming over many months and it keeps its form and cushion. The material will wear down faster than the more expensive counterparts, but if you don't abuse the chair it will work just fine.

It also has a unique foot rest (although not adjustable) and can recline back to 180 degrees in case you need to take a quick nap.

The major disadvantage is that the arm rests aren't adjustable and they seem kind of flimsy. More expensive chairs will have better arm rests, but if you fit the standard size for this chair you shouldn't have any problems.

It is also a tad small for my liking. If you are over 6 feet, the 15-inch wide chair may feel a bit underwhelming.

Overall, this chair did better than I expected for the price, but it won't hold up nearly as well as the DXRacer. I haven't had to deal with any of the customer support for BestOffice, but I don't recognize the company so that is something to watch out for.

Here are the best office style gaming chairs of 2019:

Gaming office chairs are great if you want to prioritize ergonomics over style or just prefer a more minimal look for your gaming companion. Unlike racing style chairs, these office chairs come with a lot more adjustable features and better technology to ensure you are sitting at the right position for your back and shoulders.

This style of chairs are also great if your chair is playing dual purpose between gaming and work. I am in front of the computer a lot for work and even more for play so I need something that is appropriate for both settings and takes care of my back. I opted for the Aeron.

1. Herman Miller Aeron - Best Office Style Gaming Chair 2019

If you don't need a fancy racing chair, I can't recommend this one enough. See all of my thoughts here.

2. Steelcase Gesture

The only reason that this chair isn't #1 is that I don't have direct experience with it. Everything I have heard about this revolutionary chair lives up to the enormous hype and price tag. It is the most ergonomic gaming chair in our list.

 Just one glance at their site shows the attention to detail, research, and data that went into making this extremely comfortable chair.

Steelcase prides themselves on the materials that go into the chairs and it is a company that you feel good supporting.

Unlike many of the other office style chairs, the Gesture comes in 8 colors.

It is also adjustable to the max and you can ensure that everything from the seat to the arm rests is in the perfect position for those long gaming sessions.

It is extremely customize-able during the ordering process and not everything comes standard. Ensure that you get all the adjustable features you need so you don't have to return it.

3. Office Master OM5

This list wouldn't feel complete without the OM5 here in the list. It was widely touted by some of the other major reviewers and it is definitely worth a mention.

While the Aeron and Steelcase have a boatload of adjusting knobs and positions, the OM5 uses a much simpler design that is "self-weighing" chair that automatically adjusts itself based on the positioning and weight of the user.

If you shift back in your chair the seat will automatically slide out a bit to create the perfect position that is easy on your back and very comfortable.​

Compared to the more expensive Aeron and Gesture​, this chair gives you a lot of the expensive features without a price tag in the four digits.

It comes with a 12-month warranty and is a perfect compromise if you are looking for the high-end features of an office style chair without the huge price tags of the major players.

Here are the best best budget office style gaming chairs of 2019:

If you don't have a lot to spend and don't want anything fancy, these office desk chairs will work out great.

1. Office Star ProGrid - Best Budget Office Gaming Chair 2019

The ProGrid is a great option if you don't have the budget for an Aeron, but you still want to make sure you look out for your back. They aren't the most beautiful chairs available, but Office Star provides a wide range of options without the huge price tag.

The arms are going to be a little cheaper and the overall build quality will be less due to the type of materials used. Primarily, the use of plastic instead of steel. It comes with a surprisingly comfortable mesh back and the cushion is well made and retains its shape during long gaming sessions.

It does have a large amount of adjust-ability, though, and once you spend enough time getting everything perfect you will be able to find the sweet spot for comfort.

2. BestOffice Mid Back Mesh

If you are just looking to get something basic that won't cause a lot of problems go with the BestOffice Mid Back chair. This is the most inexpensive chair in our list and it is as minimal as it gets.

The only piece that is adjustable is the height so if you are slightly wider or taller than most people, it may be a bit awkward.

3. Ikea Markus

Profiled by Lifehacker, the Ikea Markus rounds out our favorites for the best budget office gaming chairs. Similar to the other budget chairs, these aren't going to have nearly as much cushioning or ergonomic technology built-in and you will experience discomfort faster.

However, for the price, this chair is excellent. It doesn't have a lot of adjustments (only the height and tilt) so if you aren't a typical size you might have to get used to it. Users also complain that it is a little wobbly during the rocking function so you may just have to secure it in the upright position.

Here are the best gaming chairs for consoles 2019:

Great! You've decided that a rocker style console gaming chair is the best companion for your next gaming session. I'll walk you through my favorites and compare them so you can find the version that is best for your style and budget.

There is really only one reputable manufacturer for these types of chairs. XRocker dominates this market and while there are new companies starting, a lot of the other products available are just Chinese knock-offs that won't stand up to constant use. Do yourself a favor and go with the industry leader for now.

1. XRocker Pro H3 - Best Console Gaming Chair 2019

You can’t go wrong with the XRocker Pro H3 unless you can’t stand black.

It has 4 built-in speakers and uses the company's AFM technology to create vibrations based on the volume and bass of the game you are playing.

If you have an RCA sound system in your house, this chair also comes with built-in receivers and transmitters to hook everything together.

Connects to PS4 and Xbox One with no additional cables and you can hook up a pair of headphones directly into the chair as well as connect any MP3 device.

It is wider than the rest of the chairs on the list and is rated for up to 275 pounds of weight which make it perfect if you have an above average size.

While I use a PC gaming chair since I need to get my League of Legends fix, this chair stands above everything else when compared to the other rocker style chairs.

2. XRocker Surge

If you are looking for a minimal rocker chair that can double as a great place for reading, writing, and playing on your console, the Surge is perfect for you.

This is the only option if you are interested in a USB connection that you can use to charge your devices while you are sitting in it.

It features two speakers in the headrest and includes a subwoofer so your sound experience will be better than the XRocker II. It also has bluetooth connectivity with up to a 30ft range so you don't have to deal with a mess of wires.

The H3 Pro can be bulky for some people and not everyone has enough space for one. If you are looking for something a little more minimalist, the Surge is the right choice.

3. XRocker II

If you need something with adjustable arms or the Pro H3 doesn't fit your style, the XRocker II is another choice.

It has some of the features as the H3 Pro above, but in general, it is a limited version of the Pro with a slightly different color scheme.

It only has the two speakers in the base of the chair and doesn't include a vibration mechanism or subwoofer. If you planned to game with a headset anyway this isn't a big deal.

I have noticed that it runs about the same price as the Pro, so I only recommend this if there is something on the H3 you can't live with.

What To Look For In A Gaming Chair

As you read through the guide, I will walk you through the major decisions you need to make when choosing a chair for yourself. I’ll give you all the information you need at each decision point so that you know you are making the right choice. By the end, there will be no doubt you have found the perfect gaming chair for your needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch through the comments at the end of the article and I will be happy to help you out.


Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather has the same look as leather from far away, but is actually made from a synthetic plastic. The material is easy to clean and as long as you catch the spills quickly, you won't have any staining.

It can rip and tear just like standard leather so make sure to take care of it and it will take care of you. They can also be a tad hot in the sun so make sure to find a model that has breathable holes or perforations to keep you cool while you game.


The less expensive chairs are going to be made from a cloth or felt material. Cloth and spills don't play well together so make sure you keep them clean. I don't recommend cloth and always look for synthetic leather or mesh in my chairs.

Weaving and Mesh

Most of the top office chairs have mesh or weaving as their material. It is very breathable and molds to the shape of the person sitting in them. While synthetic leather chairs need molded foam to give support, the mesh chairs use tension and gravity to find the best ergonomic balance. If you are looking to get an office chair, I recommend getting one with mesh.


Dual Caster

This is the most common type of caster that will come with your gaming chair. It spreads out the load between both wheels which protects the wheels and floor from a single point of pressure.

Hardwood Caster

There are two common types of casters for use with hardwood floors. The polyurethane and rubber wheels will ensure that your chair doesn't scratch the floor or put unsightly dents in it as you are rolling around. If you buy from a well-known chair manufacturer, they will offer multiple options for your casters. Opt for the soft-wheeled type if you can.

Carpet Casters

If you are rolling around on carpet, you are going to want a hard wheeled caster. This will help cut through the carpet fibers and won't tangle. In my home, I also use a plastic chair mat underneath my chair that helps it roll easily.

Arm Rests


The cheaper chairs are going to have less adjustable features and the arm rests are usually the first thing to go. With fixed arm rests, the arms are positioned at a height that is good for an average sized person. If you don't fit the "average" you may need to go with a chair that gives your more adjustment options.

Height Adjustable

One step up from fixed-position, the height adjustable arm rests allow you to position the rests in the z-axis. In most cases, this is good enough for most people unless the chair is a little too small or wide for you. In that case you need to go with...

4D Adjustable

No they don't allow you to travel through time, but the 4D adjustable arm rests (available for most higher-end brands) give you the x, y, and z-axis adjustments as well as the ability to tilt the arm rest at an angle. If you have the budget, you won't be disappointed by buying a chair that gives you the most amount of flexibility.

Head Support

Most racing style and console gaming chairs are high-backed and give support for your head. In a lot of cases, they also come with an adjustable pillow or head rest that you can position in the perfect place based on your torso height.

Office chairs usually are mid-back and don't have the extra head rest support. Head rests aren't strictly necessary unless you plan on taking a nap or vegging out in our chair.

Lumbar Support

Almost every chair available now has some variant of lumbar support. For some chairs, this is a specific section in the lower back that is angled to support your posture. In others, it is a add-on pillow that is adjustable based on your height and needs.

Manufacturer and Warranty Coverage

You get what you pay for and a lot of the discount you get from budget chair manufacturers comes through in the form of limited warranties, cheap materials, and unavailable customer support.


How long is the warranty? What does it cover? How do you get a replacement? Make sure you understand the answer to these questions before you shell out the money on your new chair.

Customer Support

Need a replacement part? Need to order an optional feature? Have an issue?

Make sure that you can trust the manufacturer and ensure that the customer support staff is available and ready to help you if you run into an issue. The best manufacturers will be available 24/7 and will send you a replacement immediately if you have an issue.

Should I choose a PC or console gaming chair?

The first decision you need to make is whether or not you want a console gaming chair or a pc gaming chair. A PC gaming chair will look more like a standard desk chair on wheels while a console gaming chair will be lower to the ground and include built-in speakers and storage for your Xbox or Playstation gear.  

If you game on both a PC and a console, I recommend that you get a PC gaming chair since it can play double duty. Take a look at the pros and cons below and jump right to the appropriate section where I will dive more in-depth on the features.

What is the Best PC Gaming Chair

Example of Racing Style Gaming Chair

  • Rolls on wheels
  • Adjustable back rest
  • Sits up off the ground at desk height

What is the Best Office Style Gaming Chair

Example of Office Style PC Gaming Chair

  • Most comfortable
  • Built for ergonomics
  • Most adjustable

What is the best Console Gaming Chair

Example Console Gaming Chair

  • Built-in Storage
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Lower to the ground

Pedestal Console Gaming Chair Example

Example of Pedestal Gaming Chair

  • Built-in Storage
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Higher than a rocker style chair

Should I choose a racing or office style gaming chair?

When most people think about gaming chairs the PC gaming chair style comes to mind. These come in two main varieties, the racing style chair and the office style chair. Let's go through some of the features that are common to all PC gaming chairs.

What is the Best PC Gaming Chair

Example of Racing Style Gaming Chair

  • Rolls on wheels
  • Adjustable back rest
  • Sits up off the ground at desk height

Office Style PC Gaming Chair Example

Example of Office Style Chair

  • Most comfortable
  • Built for ergonomics
  • Most adjustable

Do you want one that is colorful and has more style?
Racing style chairs have a lot more variety in terms of colors and stylistic features. If you need something that matches your keyboard or mouse lighting then you should opt for a racing style chair.

Or, would you be OK with something that had a little less style, but is ergonomic and great for your back?
Office style chairs are going to be the best for your posture, back, and future health. You won't have all the style options available with racing chairs, but your back will thank you.

Are you going to use the chair for work and play?
Many of us work from home (or at least pay bills at home). If you want something that can play dual purpose and handle all the sitting you will do, I recommend an office style chair since they will take better care of your body.

Are you going to be streaming?
Racing style chairs look a lot cooler and may attract more visitors. Most top streamers (and all professional players) are sitting in racing style chairs while they are on stream.

Do you need a head rest?
Most racing style chairs are called "high-back" which means that the back of the chair extends up over the top of your head. This also makes room for an adjustable pillow that you can use when reclining. Office style chairs on the other hand usually stop around your upper back and won't have the head rest.

Do you need a reclining gaming chair?
Go with a racing style. A lot of the office style chairs are built more for ergonomics as less for laying back and taking a nap.

We're almost done! You've decided that the racing style computer chair is perfect for your gaming den and now we need to narrow down the final contenders based on the types of features that you want and your budget.

Console Gaming Chairs

If you don't need your chair to sit at desk height and game only on a console, there are quite a few console gaming chairs to choose from. The very next decision you need to make is whether or not you want a pedestal style chair or a rocker style chair. But first, let's go over the common features between the two so you can decide if the console gaming chair is right for you. Or, if you should opt for a PC gaming chair instead.

Storage and Pockets

Some models of console gaming chairs have a variety of storage options that you can use for controllers, extra cords, headsets, and battery packs. There are a ton of console accessories and these chairs are perfect for storing them all.

Built-in Speakers

Console chairs are the gaming chairs with speakers and many of them include built-in speakers and subwoofers that you can connect directly to your console. They are usually on each side of the headrest as well as right below your seat. If you enjoy playing your games without headphones and want a better option than the built-in speakers that come with gaming monitors and TVs, built-in speakers can be a great choice.


There are a few of these chairs that also vibrate based on volume and bass coming from your console. This gives you a similar feeling to the controller rumble function, but with your entire body. If you want a fully immersive experience, use the vibration feature along with the built-in speakers for something unique.

Next Decision: Rocker or Pedestal Style

Your major decision at this point is whether or not you want to sit closer to the ground in a rocker style chair or more upright in a traditional upright chair. Both types will not sit as high as a standard racing style or office style PC gaming chair. If you don't think this style is for you, jump to our PC gaming chair section.

What is the best gaming chair for the PS4?

I really like the XRocker Pro H3. For the other contenders, see our dedicated console gaming chair section.

What is the best gaming chair for the Xbox One?

Check out the XRocker Pro H3. It is my favorite rocker chair and is built specifically for console gaming.

What is the best gaming chair for big guys?

All of the chairs we cover in this guide are built for people under 350 pounds. If you need something a little bigger, I would check out the DXRacer King or DXRacer Tank chairs. They are wider and built for larger gamers.

If you are just a bit taller, look for a chair with a high-back frame that is tall enough to support your head. Most chairs have adjustable pillows, but if it isn't tall enough to start with, you don't have an option.

What is the best gaming chair for adults?

All of them! Seriously, all of the chairs in this guide are great for gamers of all ages. If you are looking for something with a bit less style and more function, check out our section on the best office style gaming chairs. They can be used for gaming and work.

What is the most comfortable gaming chair?

If you are looking for comfortable as in "I want to take a nap", go with the Vertagear. It reclines quite a bit and is made of high-quality material and foam.

If you are looking for comfortable as in "the best for my back", you should go with the Aeron. It is made of ergonomic mesh that puts your back in the perfect position. It is also priced very well considering the other options in the list.

Do gaming chairs help with posture?

Used correctly, a gaming chair is a great way to improve your posture in front of the computer. These days, the office style and racing style chairs both provide adequate lumbar support and many include additional lumbar pillows. But, the tools are only as good as the user. You will still need to take an active role while in the chair to improve your posture, none of that slouching or sinking into the chair that is common.

What is the most popular gaming chair?

DXRacer is still the most popular gaming chair due to the advertising by streamers. Luckily, many of the other brands of caught up in terms of quality and price so you have a lot of alternatives if they don't work well for you.

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