Best Full-Tower Case in 2021

Building a new PC is, quite frankly, a lot of fun. And if you’re trying to build a big boy, with high-end components inside, you’ll want the roomiest case out there. There are a lot of options, but with the prices being high, you might find it difficult to choose a full-tower case that’s worth it.

So, we’ve decided to make things easy for you. You want something that can house more components than a mid-tower case, and you want more options than you had in our roundup of best PC cases in general. Don’t worry: we got you.

We’ll be taking a look at ten cases. All are excellent choices by themselves, but they’re not all the same. So, let’s not waste any more time, join us as we take a look at the best full-tower case models you can buy today.

Promotional picture of the Phanteks Enthoo 719, one of the best full-tower PC cases out there.

How to find the right full-tower case for you

Before we get into the cases themselves, we would like to discuss the thing you should be careful with when you’re choosing the case itself.

The first thing you should know is whether your case is oriented towards airflow or silence. Or, maybe it’s somewhere in the middle? Airflow cases generally come with mesh panels at the front and top, which allow for much better airflow. Silence cases come with sound dampening materials that oftentimes result in a near-silent case, but you will get higher temperatures. You also have cases that are somewhere in the middle and offer decent airflow without too much noise. It’s all personal preference.

Next, you should consider whether you want a tempered glass side panel or solid metal. This is also personal preference, but a tempered glass side panel will let you showcase your build’s internals. If you’re big on cable management and RGB lights inside, you do want this.

Last but not least, you should consider extra functionality. This includes things like RGB lights and controllers built-in, Type-C ports at the front, and versatility. By versatility, we refer to those brands that will give you both mesh and solid panels for the front and top, so you get to choose what kind of build you’d want. Or multiple build layouts.

Oh, and lest we forget, some of these cases can house two systems at once. If you’re into live streaming, that’s a really neat opportunity to integrate your gaming PC and streaming PC into one. let’s get into the cases now.

These are some of the best full-tower cases in 2021

Corsair Obsidian 1000D

Corsair’s Obsidian 1000D is, functionality-wise, the best full-tower case out there. Period. It is massive, it is expensive, and it has room for two systems inside. It is expensive, though, so let’s check it out and see if it’s worth it.

Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D Super-Tower Case, Smoked Tempered Glass,...
  • THE ULTIMATE SUPER-TOWER PC CASE: Iconic and clean exterior lines, four smoked tempered glass panels and seamlessly integrated RGB lighting make the...
  • STREAM AND GAME SIMULTANEOUSLY: The Obsidian 1000D can fit both a complete E-ATX and Mini-ITX system concurrently, so you can stream and game smoothly...
  • MASSIVE COOLING OPTIONS: Up to 18 fan mounts and room for up to four 480mm radiators simultaneously.

The first thing to know is that you can house both an EATX, and a mini-ITX system in this case. If you’re streaming your gameplay and you don’t want a whole second PC for your streaming, this is a perfect opportunity.

There’s room for literally everything inside this case – multiple radiators, custom cooling loops, up to 18 fan mounts, you name it. It also comes with tempered glass on the side, as well as built-in RGB and a Commander PRO controller. Pricy? Yes, but no compromises here, and it’s definitely worth it.

be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900

be quiet!, like the name indicates, is all about silence. But with the Dark Base PRO 900, you get a surprising amount of versatility. This case comes with a modular construction that lets you relocate the motherboard tray, even go as far as doing an inversed build.

be quiet! BGW10 Dark Base PRO 900 ATX Full Tower Computer Chassis -...
  • Fully versatile thanks to modular construction, offering an relocatable motherboard tray, repositionable HDD slots, support for even E-ATX and XL-ATX...
  • Three pre-installed Silent Wings 3 140mm PWM fans featuring a smooth-running 6-pole motor, fluid-dynamic bearing and funnel-shaped air inlets
  • Effective full circuit airflow system with innovative noise-reducing vents all around the case

You’ll get three 140mm fans, which are be quiet!’s Silent Wings 3, as well as complete sound insulation for the entire case. The front panel is actually a door and comes with sound dampening and two hot swappable drive bays at the top. You can even remove the air filter mesh if you want.

Even though not exactly cheap, the Dark Base PRO 900 offers a lot of options for a full-tower case. You can set it up in various ways, it’s quieter than anything else on the market, and it still comes with a tempered glass side panel to showcase your components — maybe even some flashy RGB.

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

If a space-age design is what you’re after, Cooler Master’s Cosmos lineup is making a comeback with the C700M. This massive full-tower case is highly versatile, well-lit, and has extensive cable management options. It’s expensive, yes, but it’s the best full-tower case if you’ve ever been a fan of the Cosmos line of cases.

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M E-ATX Full-Tower with Curved Tempered Glass...
  • Highly versatile layout
  • Graphics Card mounting with riser Cable
  • Argo lighting; Expansion Slots: 8

On the outside, you get curved tempered glass that showcases your build really well, as well as RGB strips all around the case. You can open the side panel on hinges and get easy access, which is great. The front edges get you a mesh for better airflow, too.

There are also things like an included GPU riser with a vertical mount, mesh at the top for better airflow, and, get this, carrying handles. Moving your system has never been easier. Yes, you’ll pay a lot for it, but it’s seriously a stunning case.

Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL

The Meshify 2 XL is the big brother of Fractal’s brand new Meshify 2, and it gets you even more expandability and overall great flexibility in terms of building. It’s also rather reasonably priced compared to most of the other cases on our list and is completely airflow-optimized.

Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL Black ATX Flexible Dark Tinted Tempered Glass...
  • Iconic angular mesh design provides filtered airflow
  • Dual-layout interior easily fits motherboards up to E-ATX and SSI-EEB
  • New case design opens up to fully expose interior on three sides

The front and top come with mesh panels and removable dust filters, so you can have them set up for airflow, or extreme airflow, as you see fit. The side is a tempered glass panel, with a dark tint to subdue the RGB lights you could put inside.

But our absolute favorite feature here is the option to have up to 480mm radiators at the front and the top, as well as up to 18 hard drives. That’s really a lot. If you need massive storage options, this is the case for you.

Phanteks Enthoo 719

Phanteks Enthoo 719 (PH-ES719LTG_DAG01) High Performance Full Tower Case...
  • High Performance full tower capable of extreme workstation and dual system
  • Spacious open interior: supports up to ssi-eeb motherboard, Dual 480 and Dual 360 radiator support simultaneously, Dual vertical GPU support, and dual...
  • Integrated Digital-RGB controller that can sync with compatible motherboards and Phanteks Digital-RGB products

While most brands go for extreme RGB lights on the outside, Phanteks take a different approach – and we love it. That one RGB strip at the front looks phenomenal, and the entire case has been designed really well. It’s just stunning.

Inside, you can have dual systems if you want, and there’s plenty of room for things like two PSUs, dual 480 radiators, and up to 12 hard drives inside. You can even have dual vertical GPUs – it’s that versatile. The cable management options are excellent, and even if you do go for a dual system, you won’t have any issues with it.

Phanteks do include a fan hub with the Enthoo 719, and you’ll definitely need one with the option to have up to 15 fans (!) in the case. Airflow is not a problem at all, and the case is also surprisingly quiet. In short, this is a great all-rounder contender for the best full-tower case.

Thermaltake View 71 RGB

Thermaltake View 71 RGB 4-Sided Tempered Glass Vertical GPU Modular E-ATX...
  • 4 SIDED GLASS VIEWING PROTECTION: 5 millimeter thick tempered glass panels spaced from the chassis for optimal airflow; Top, Front, and Swing Door...
  • 3 WAY RADIATOR VIEW: Supporting 3 way radiator fitments; Top, Front or Vertical View mounting on Motherboard Tray
  • VERTICAL GPU: Includes GPU Float bracket allows vertical mounting options for 2.5 slot GPU solutions; (Riser Cable Sold Separately)

There’s no way around it, the View 71 by Thermaltake is surprisingly small. Well, as small as a full-tower case can be, anyway, but this is a single system case that’s made to showcase your system and not take up more space than necessary.

There’s tempered glass at the side, front and top. And we’re talking 5mm thick tempered glass, which is separated from the chassis to further improve airflow. It is somewhat loud, though, but that’s a compromise you’ll have to make.

You do get the room for massive radiators, and Thermaltake gives you three RGB fans with the case. There’s an included vertical GPU bracket as well, which adds a bit of versatility. Overall, this case is a really well-priced way of building your rig in a full-tower case. It might not offer more than the basics, but it does the basics really, really well.

Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL ROG

You’ve probably heard of the O11 Dynamic – it’s one of the most popular mid-tower cases nowadays. Well, the XL is its big brother, and it does come with a lot of extra room for things. This is the ROG Certified model, which gets you a slightly more interesting design with silver, brushed aluminum front.

Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL ROG Certified (Silver) ATX Full Tower Gaming...
  • Case Type: ATX Full Tower
  • Front: Tempered Glass+Aluminum
  • Side: Tempered Glass

There is tempered glass at the front and the side, and the tint makes it just perfect for a build that has RGB inside. It’s going to mute the lights a bit, but still showcase everything.

The O11 Dynamic XL has a lot of room for cable management. With the PSU being put at the back, you’ll get an incredibly clean build with nothing but the necessary showing – just perfect. One of the best full-tower case options for showcasing a build, that’s for sure.  

Fractal Design Define 7 XL

Not everyone wants people looking inside their PC. If you don’t, the Define 7 XL by Fractal Design is just perfect for you. This case is all brushed aluminum, and it’s got a really nice middle ground between silence and airflow.

Fractal Design Define 7 XL Black Brushed Aluminum/Steel E-ATX Silent...
  • Spacious, extensively adaptable dual-layout interior easily accommodates large motherboards up to E-ATX and SSI-EEB
  • Mount up to 18 HDD/SSDs plus five SSDs in the Storage Layout (6 HDD/SSD trays + 2 SSD brackets + 2 multi-brackets included)
  • Use the Open Layout for more headroom and gargantuan water-cooling with radiators up to 480 mm in front or top and 280 mm in the base

At the front and sides, you get completely solid panels. They look incredibly nice and premium, and thanks to the gap at the edges, they don’t block too much air. Airflow is still decent with this case, and the top panel is mesh-like to further improve it.

Inside, not only do you have a lot of room for cable management, but you can have up to 18 hard drives in this case. That’s quite a lot. And with a removable top for ease of building, you get a lot of versatility, too. Oh, and did we mention the very reasonable price?

Thermaltake Tower 900

If you’re in the mood to pay a bit more and get a super tower case that looks incredible and has a lot of tempered glass, the Tower 900 by Thermaltake is a great choice. This case is rather high and comes with a lot of modularity and room for custom cooling.

Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Edition Tempered Glass Fully Modular E-ATX...
  • Supports Mini ITX, Micro VAX, ATX, E ATX Motherboard
  • Dimensions: 16.7" W x 19" D x 29.6" H; Net Weight: 54 pounds
  • Designed for high end gaming system compatibility; I/O Port USB 3.0 x 4, HD Audio x 1

To begin with, you’re looking at a dismantlable, modular design. This means that you can build your system using any of the racks, panels, brackets and mounting options, and it’s up to you to come up with how you do everything.

You can have an EATX motherboard, you can have dual cooling loops and up to 560mm radiators, and you can mount your GPU vertically. Overall, we have yet to see a full-tower case that offers more building options than the Tower 900. If that’s something you appreciate, this is the best full-tower case for you.

Corsair Obsidian 750D

If you aren’t keen on spending insane money on the 1000D and don’t need dual systems, the Obsidian 750D should do the job pretty well. This is a high airflow case that doesn’t compromise on noise levels, so you get the best of both worlds.

Corsair Obsidian 750D Full-Tower Case - Airflow Edition
  • Obsidian Series High Performance Case
  • Minimalist Style, Maximum Potential
  • High Airflow Front Mesh Design

Inside, you have plenty of room for building, and a lot of room for cable management, too. The front panel is mesh, so the fans draw a lot of air, and inside, everything is versatile. You can remove the drive cages, you can have as many drives as you need, and there’s room for up to a 360mm radiator.

This is one of the more compact full-tower cases we’ve seen, and you don’t get things like RGB or insane layouts. But if you want a simple design that just works, really well, the Obsidian 750D is hard to beat.  

And with that big boy as our number ten, we close down our list of some of the best full-tower cases. Did something catch your eye? We certainly hope so. Did you feel like we overlooked a case that you feel should be on this list? Don’t be shy, and let us know.

If you want to continue ogling some neat piece of gaming hardware — we’ve got that too. Deck out your beefy new PC with a great capture card for gaming, or consider adding some proper gaming speakers to your set-up. Alternatively, we have handy lists of all gaming peripherals, if you ever run out of options on what to upgrade next.

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