Best console gaming chairs of 2020

A good gaming chair is undeniably one of the most important items in your gaming room. You’re going to spend a lot of time in it, so it’s crucial that it fits all of your needs (and fine, your budget). We’ve put together a list of the best gaming chairs money can buy in 2020. What’s your favorite?

Need a new console as well? We got you covered. 

1. X Rocker Audi 2.1 Wireless Pedestal - The Best Pedestal Style Gaming Chair of 2020


  • 2.1 Sound is fantastic from the chair
  • Very comfortable for television based gaming
  • Wireless options are really neat
  • Foldable design makes this a super simple chair to store


  • Compatibility with newer and newer technology is becoming questionable


  • Racing style design
  • Unique low-to ground proportion
  • Armrests
  • 2.1 Wireless Audio
  • Ergonomic seating design
  • Vibration capable
  • Easy-Clean seating surface

Our Take

At first the X Rocker Audi seems out of place. The pedestal design is a bit antithetic to the thought that rocker chairs hug the ground and remain low for better tv setups. Upon using the Audi though, you’ll find it’s a pretty comfortable and enjoyable little chair. The wireless 2.1 speakers work flawlessly and it even folds in half for storage (A must for small console spaces). The height is actually perfect for a large portion of common entertainment centers rather than too tall like a typical office chair.

So what niche does this chair fit? A lot actually. The wireless audio is great for those playing older consoles that weren’t pushing wireless tech at the time. Rather than running cords or attempting to get audio from the controller, streaming audio to this is a fantastic option. You can also use headphones and all the traditional audio devices. It’s really for those who want a sturdy, solid chair for gaming but don’t want to be too high. College dorm rooms, living rooms short on space, there’s a fair amount of specific places this can be used. It practically folds in half as well for very easy and simple storage. That means it can actually be slid under a desk or table in a small living space.

The biggest con for the Audi (And the Shark V) is that the lack of adoption of console chairs has stymied innovation a bit. While we don’t know yet, connecting these to the Xbox Successor or PS5 may be impossible if X Rocker doesn’t innovate or make them adaptable. At the same time, classic ports will always work. There is the fear with news like Stadia and newer consoles on the rise that they’ll become obsolete. Cords never go out of style and it works flawlessly for now!

2. X Rocker Shark V - The Best Rocker Style Gaming Chair of 2020


  • Great sound option for those who like surround sound but don’t want to wake the house
  • Shrinks very small for storage purposes


  • Not for everybody
  • Looks bizarre


  • 2.1 Wireless Audio
  • Foldable for storage
  • Padded flip up arms
  • Connects to almost any audio source or console
  • Unique rocker style design

Our Take

Rocker chairs are a somewhat strange item to find in homes. They sit on the ground, are comfortable enough to enjoy, offer features most of us didn’t ask for, and yet they aren’t all that bad. Since most television sets are pretty low, even a desk chair can be too tall to game on. The rocker design gives the comfort of a padded seat without making you look down from great heights at your screen. It’s really good for the one off basement man cave, the college dorm, or the entertainment center that’s suspiciously low to the ground.

Shark V is the best rocker chair we’ve seen in quite some time. Some of the best features in Rocker chairs are the unique ones like 2.1 audio. Instead of blaring a television screen across the room, you can have the audio right in your chair. For those who love to game and get migraines from headphones or live with a full household, it’s a life saver. It’s also good as a low-key bluetooth speaker in the background. Rather than toting bizarre pockets for controllers and attempting to do too many things, this chair leans into the strengths of rocker style chairs. It is low, comfortable for most people, has awesome sound, and folds super small. You can basically stash it under a bed or table in moments. Fantastic design.

The drawback to this style of chair is actually two-fold. First, it’s very specific. If you don’t want this style of chair. You’ll know it. They need to be low to the ground and can actually be a workout for larger people. The second drawback is that console gaming chairs look really immature to the wrong crowd. Many gaming items due, which is unfortunate, but the Rocker chair is so dedicated to it’s oddball design that it can’t feel like a normal chair. It looks toyish, and in the wrong setting may feel a little embarrassing. Perhaps that’s why they prioritized the amazing folding capability.

3. XRocker Pro H3 - Best Console Gaming Chair 2020

You can’t go wrong with the XRocker Pro H3 unless you can’t stand black.

It has 4 built-in speakers and uses the company's AFM technology to create vibrations based on the volume and bass of the game you are playing.

If you have an RCA sound system in your house, this chair also comes with built-in receivers and transmitters to hook everything together.

Connects to PS4 and Xbox One with no additional cables and you can hook up a pair of headphones directly into the chair as well as connect any MP3 device.

It is wider than the rest of the chairs on the list and is rated for up to 275 pounds of weight which make it perfect if you have an above average size.

While I use a PC gaming chair since I need to get my League of Legends fix, this chair stands above everything else when compared to the other rocker style chairs.

4. XRocker Surge

If you are looking for a minimal rocker chair that can double as a great place for reading, writing, and playing on your console, the Surge is perfect for you.

This is the only option if you are interested in a USB connection that you can use to charge your devices while you are sitting in it.

It features two speakers in the headrest and includes a subwoofer so your sound experience will be better than the XRocker II. It also has bluetooth connectivity with up to a 30ft range so you don't have to deal with a mess of wires.

The H3 Pro can be bulky for some people and not everyone has enough space for one. If you are looking for something a little more minimalist, the Surge is the right choice.

5. XRocker II

If you need something with adjustable arms or the Pro H3 doesn't fit your style, the XRocker II is another choice.

It has some of the features as the H3 Pro above, but in general, it is a limited version of the Pro with a slightly different color scheme.

It only has the two speakers in the base of the chair and doesn't include a vibration mechanism or subwoofer. If you planned to game with a headset anyway this isn't a big deal.

I have noticed that it runs about the same price as the Pro, so I only recommend this if there is something on the H3 you can't live with.

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