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Despite the fact that most people regard headsets -and headphones in general- as an optional accessory for PC gaming; a good pair of auriculars can truly give you the edge over the competition. In a world where technology is constantly evolving, keeping ahead of the curve is really important to achieve success; not only in video games but in general life as well.

In the case of audio technology, innovations are constantly being made, even if they sometimes are small and unnoticeable by most. As any audiophile can attest to, some of these changes may even require special equipment to enjoy them. For instance, if your favorite FPS game features special footstep tracking technology, you wouldn’t be able to use it if your cheap headphones don’t even allow you to hear footsteps in the first place.

Unfortunately most high-end headphones usually require you to break the piggy bank in order to enjoy their wide-range of benefits; often costing more than $100 apiece (or $200 in some cases). However, there still quite a few headsets in the market that can offer you all the benefits of their expensive counterparts, but without requiring you to sacrifice your firstborn son to be able to afford it.

Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

1. Monoprice 108323 Premium - Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

Most experts on the subject of audio technology can agree on the fact that, after the $100 price range, most headphones can and will suffer from diminishing returns. Basically, the more expensive your prospective headphones, the less quality you will get, compared to, say, a $50 pair.

This pair of headphones is regarded by audiophiles everywhere as the best entry-level headphones currently available on the market, overshadowing other models with its sheer quality on a very affordable price range. These ‘phones are equipped with all the benefits you would expect from an expensive product, such as comfortable earpieces, detachable wires, studio-quality audio output and, most importantly, drives that ensure premium clarity at all volume levels.

The drawback is that, since these are headphones as opposed to headsets, they don’t include a microphone, which can be a deal-breaker for gamers. 

Sades is king when it comes to budget gaming headsets with decent sound quality. Most of their catalog of headphones are robust and built to last, with decent isolation and great highs and lows for the price.

The A60 features large, noise-cancelling, and over-the-ear earpieces which can really help isolate ambient noises and immerse yourself in the game, without causing the “seashell-effect” common in most headsets. As is expected from most gaming headphones, the A60 include an external audio controller, which allows you to mute the microphone, mute the sound, and adjust the volume with the click of a button. The onboard NDFEB driver units also ensures that your sound is crystal-clear and crisp at all levels of volume, and with all types of sounds, from grenade blasts, heavy gunfire, or dropping bass.

Logitech is the manufacturer of some of the best gaming peripherals in the world, which include both high-end, expensive products, as well as their low-end counterparts.

The ClearChat headset is part of their low-end repertoire. But don’t let that fool you; for less money, this cheap gaming headset is definitely more than meets the eye. This product is ideal for gamers on the go, as it offers portability and a compact design, on top of its high-quality sound. Both the pads and headband of this headset are padded to ensure comfort in even the longest gaming sessions. And the onboard microphone is optimized for quality, which allows the ClearChat to live up to its name. Like our previous entry, this pair of headphones offers in-line audio control for volume adjustment and mute settings with the click of a button.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what “built tough” looks like, then you should look no further than the Bengoo Gaming Headset. This huge and sturdy headset is built with top-quality materials that ensure proper functioning even in the harshest environments. Gaming tournaments can be really tough on your gear, so you can’t understate the importance of durability in your gear.

This product is made with a tough plastic frame. The extendable arms are built with stainless steel, and the padding used in the headband is also robust, yet light enough to comfortably caress your head when in use. The wire of this headset is braided to ensure its longevity; you could run it over with your office chair and it still wouldn’t cause any damage to the cable. The big pads that this headset is equipped with ensure premium isolation, and offers a huge soundstage both for your music, and your gaming. The earmuffs are meant to fit tightly against your ears, and their skin-friendly leather padding is meant to prevent the soreness that comes from prolonged use.

When it comes to Turtle Beach, this company offers value for your money. In the case of these headphones, you get what you pay for. The Ear Force Z11 offers a great quality of sound with a comfortable fit for most users. Their longevity, on the other hand, is still up for debate. The thing with these low-end headphones is that they are made with lower-quality materials that won’t necessarily provide a meager sound but may not last as much as others.

In any case, this headset offers all the necessary features you could ever need for your gaming sessions, with the bonus of including in-line audio controls, and sensitive, flexible microphone.

When writing an article about budget headphones, not mentioning the ErgoFit RP-HJE120-K by Panasonic would be doing a disservice to all our readers. Without diving too much into the wizardry that allows these headphones to produce the high-quality sound they are famous for, we will simply say that these are some of the best-sounding ‘phones out there. Granted, they are not gaming headsets since they don’t include an onboard microphone (they are earbuds, after all), but the quality of their sound is undisputed. And for very little money, we really cannot overstate the value of these headphones, whether you use them for working out, listening to music, or during gaming sessions.


Like with most gaming peripherals, choosing a decent pair of cheap gaming headsets can be a real challenge, especially if you’re on a budget. In the past, not having enough money to buy the very best equipment often meant that you were stuck either with low-quality garbage, or nothing at all. However, the current has something to offer for the people who know where to look. In this case, we did the searching for you and built a list with the very best headsets. No matter which one you pick, you will receive your money’s worth in quality sound.

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