Best Case Accessories in 2021

A lot of people just build their PC with the components they’ve chosen, and then call it a day. And while that might be enough for some, others want to take things a step further. You want to personalize it a bit, or you want to make it a bit different. It is, after all, your creation. That’s where the best case accessories come in.

To make sure you can add a bit of a personal touch to your build, we’ve chosen eight accessories that you’ll find to be excellent additions to your system. Some of them are purely for aesthetics, while others have a functional side as well. What they all have in common is that they’re all relatively budget-oriented. However, they add a nice touch to your build. Let’s not waste any more time and take a look at some of the best case accessories for your new build.

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Best Case Accessories in 2021

ASIAHORSE Custom PSU Cable Kit

AsiaHorse 16 AWG Customization Mod Sleeve Extension Cable,ATX/EPS/8-pin...
  • 【Cable Kits】1x24 Pin ATX Extension Cable, 1x(4+4)Pin EPS Cable,2x8-Pin PCI-e Cable,2x6-Pin PCI-e Cable,two sets of cable combs
  • 【Upgraded 16AWG】We have listened to millions of customer feedback on the use of millions of repeated tests, from the most traditional power cord...
  • 【Two Color Cable combs】For cleaner cable management and a unique design needs the kit comes with two sets of combs, black and white.

Stock power supply cables are boring, quite honestly. And if you’ve got some of those “ketchup and mustard” cables that are red, yellow, and black, they can be just plain ugly, too. ASIAHORSE’s PSU cable kit comes with 18AWG wiring. There is a full set of cables that you can use for your motherboard, CPU power, and graphics card.

The kit comes with 300mm cables, which is more than enough, as well as black connectors on both ends. In the package, you’ll also receive both black and white cable combs. You can set these up as you see fit.

What’s great is that the kit comes in a vast variety of color combinations. You can get a single color kit, or you can get a kit with combined colors. This is an even more unique design. And best of all? Reasonable pricing.

Cooler Master ELV8 ARGB GPU Bracket

Cooler Master ELV8 Addressable RGB Vertical Universal Graphic Card Holder,...
  • Protect the GPU: prevents GPUs from bending and sagging after long period of use.
  • Universal GPU support: Compatible with most GPUs using length and height adjustment
  • Protect the motherboard: reduces stress on motherboard PCI-E slot by supporting the weight of GPU

If you’ve got a large and heavy graphics card, something like the big boys from our best GPU list, you might be looking at some GPU sag. This is easily noticeable. You’ll have one end of your GPU a few millimeters lower than the end that is screwed in at the back of the case. Not only does this look bad, but it also adds a lot of stress to the PCB and your motherboard slot.

The ELV8 ARGB bracket is meant to go below your GPU. It is an adjustable bracket that you can set just right for your specific GPU. It holds very well and will prevent bending and sagging. To further sweeten the pot, you’re looking at an ARGB strip that you can sync with most motherboard RGB software. Not only is it functional, but it looks nice, too.

Phanteks Universal Vertical GPU Bracket

Phanteks PH-VGPUKT_02 – Universal Vertical GPU Bracket with 220mm Flat...
  • Compatible with chassis with “open” PCI slot design. Modding might be required.
  • Included 220mm riser Cable. Supports PCIE3.0/2.0/1.0.
  • Easy Installation, placing tray over all seven PCI slot spaces

While we’re talking GPUs, this Phanteks mount is perfect if you want yours to be mounted vertically. While some cases like NZXT’s H510 that we featured in our list of best PC cases do come with vertical mounts, those will have your GPU’s airflow restricted.

The Phanteks mount makes use of the seven horizontal mounts at the back of your case. It converts them into a single, stiff and robust vertical mount. You also get an included riser, and everything is black for a look that’s as subtle as possible.

The mount is compatible with pretty much any GPU on the market. Also, it’s incredibly versatile, meaning you can use it in a variety of cases. A thing to note is that if your chassis doesn’t come with a “conventional”, open PCIe slot design, you might have compatibility issues. But if you don’t mind this, it’s a great choice.

Lian Li UNI Fan SL120 (3-pack)

Lian Li UNI Fan SL120 3 Pack Black - with Controller (ARGB 120mm LED PWM...
  • 32 digitally addressable RGB LEDs per fan
  • Software control for speed and illumination options
  • Pack of 3Specifications

A few years ago, PC fans had a single goal – keep components cool and introduce good airflow inside the case. Nowadays, they’re on the list of best case accessories. But the UNI Fans by Lian Li have a great reason to be here. Not only are they excellent fans, but they come with creative lighting and an even more creative mounting mechanism.

The fans come with a pin-to-pin interlocking mechanism, so you could daisy chain multiple fans and still have them work with a single cable. This eases cable management quite a bit. Also, it allows you to use fewer fan headers on your motherboard (or the included controller).

Last but not least, you get RGB lights on the edges. You can customize these to your liking. This, and excellent airflow, make two great reasons to put this on our list of best case accessories.

Corsair iCUE Commander PRO Controller

Corsair iCUE Commander PRO Smart RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller
  • The CORSAIR iCUE Commander PRO turns your case into a smart case, using CORSAIR iCUE software to control up to 6 case fans and 2 RGB lighting...
  • Powers up to 6 DC or PWM fans with voltage and PWM control, including the ability to run at zero RPM for total silence.
  • 2 RGB lighting channels provide powerful software control of CORSAIR individually addressable RGB LED strips and CORSAIR RGB fans.

We mentioned the lighting-only iCUE Lighting Node PRO in our list of best RGB lights. But, the Commander PRO takes things up a notch. It adds even more control and turns your case into a smart case.

This controller will get you two RGB LED channels, six fan headers (3-pin and 4-pin compatible), two internal USB 2.0 headers, as well as four temperature sensors. Everything is controlled via Corsair’s iCUE software, and you get a complete overview of your system’s behavior.

You can put the temperature sensors wherever you think they’re needed most. Also, you can set up custom fan curves and lighting profiles, so everything is tailored to your lighting. If you don’t have a simple way of controlling your fans and RGB strips, the iCUE Commander PRO is exactly what you need.

Corsair RGB Lighting PRO Expansion Kit

Corsair RGB LED Lighting PRO Expansion Kit (CL-8930002)
  • Commander Pro and lighting node Pro compatible: expand your system lighting effects and vivid illumination.
  • Individually addressable RGB LED strips. Each RGB LED strip is independently controlled - display different lighting effects and animations on each...
  • Multiple mounting options. The RGB LED strips have both mounting Tape backings and magnets built into the strips, making installation simple.

While we’re talking Corsair, if you liked the Commander PRO, the RGB Lighting PRO Expansion Kit is another thing you should add to your shopping basket. It’s compatible with the Commander PRO (and the Lighting Node PRO we mentioned), and it gets you individually addressable RGB strips.

There are four strips in total and four extension cables. Thanks to this, you can mount the strips basically wherever you want to. To make things even easier, the LED strips themselves have both adhesive tape, and magnets, so you can install them in a variety of places.

The lighting you’ll get from this kit is pretty great. Since each strip is individually addressable, you can set them all up to do different things, depending on what you need and where it’s placed. It’s a great way to add some light to your build.

NZXT Puck Headset Mount

NZXT Puck - BA-PUCKR-B1 - Cable Management and Headset Mount - Compact Size...
  • Made for headsets: Powerful magnets allow you to mount audio or vr headsets with ease and wind away extra cable lengths as needed
  • Simple and versatile: Its unique design and powerful magnets also allow you to use each piece separately as a mount
  • As clean as your build: Made of nonconductive and hazardousfree silicone, the puck can be cleaned easily and is made to last through years of use

Even though it does look like an extremely simple thing, NZXT’s Puck is a genius solution. It’s a two-piece mount that comes with powerful magnets. It mounts on the side (or the front) of your case, and can hold even the heaviest of headsets.

The Puck is made of silicone and has two pieces. Down the middle is a slot that allows you to wrap your headset’s cord around it, making cable management a breeze. This is a great way to keep your headset off the desk, and still have the cables managed without that being a hassle.

To further sweeten the pot, you can even split up the two pieces and use them as two separate mounts, which is an even better option if you have more than one headset. It’s a creative accessory and one that won’t set you back too much but does an excellent job.

Sabrent 3.5” Card Reader

SABRENT 74-in-1 3.5-Inch Internal Flash Media Card Reader/Writer with USB...
  • Supports 74 different types of memory cards
  • Operating System Support: Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/Window 7/8, Linu/Mac OS X Internal power connector to ensure USB HUB has sufficient power for...
  • Plus 1 x USB 2.0 port

If you’ve got a slightly older case, chances are it has a 3.5” slot. And if you aren’t using it, why not turn it into a card reader that can take pretty much any format under the sun? The Sabrent 3.5 Card Reader is just perfect, and it’s extremely wallet-friendly, too.

Starting from the left, you get M2, XD, SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC, Micro SD/SDHX/SDXC, CF/MD, and even a MemoryStick slot, as well as a USB 2.0 port at the far right. This makes sure you can insert pretty much any memory card made in the past 20 years, which is great.

The reader will plug in one of your motherboard’s compatible USB headers, so unfortunately you only get USB 2.0 speeds out of it. However, it’s still a great way to add a card reader that won’t take up desk space to your system! Definitely one of the best case accessories.

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