Best 60% Mechanical Keyboards

Not every gamer likes it big. Some of us look for peripherals that fit a smaller space, or just a cosier aesthetic. That’s where increasingly popular 60% keyboards come in. If you are looking to swap your bulky keyboard into something more compact, yet reliable, this form factor is where it’s at. Don’t know where to start looking for these? We’ll introduce you to some great recommendations for some of the best 60% mechanical keyboards.

What makes a good 60% mechanical keyboard?

What we look for in these smaller keyboards, is mostly their ability to retain mechanical excellence. Even though they’re compact, these keyboards should still feel and sound great. And of course, if you’re looking for lower prices, there are still some solid builds to consider. Paying a little bit more nets you sturdier boards and keycaps, with some models offering additional wireless capabilities.  

Picture of the HyperX Alloy Origins 60, one of the best 60% mechanical keyboards out there.

No matter the price or exact size, our top picks will excel in reliability and typing experience. Without further ado, let’s get to recommending some of the best 60% mechanical keyboards out there. 

Do note that we will only be listing pre-build 60% mechanical keyboards. Although building your own kit is quite a neat adventure, our recommendations today will mostly cover plug-and-play options.  

These are some of the Best 60% Mechanical Keyboards to consider

Razer Huntsman Mini — Optical precision on a smaller scale 

Seeing the rise in popularity of 60% form factors, Razer shrunk down their flagship Huntsman keyboard. The Razer Huntsman Mini implements the same optical-mechanical switches and sturdy build, but does so on a smaller scale. 

Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard: Fast Keyboard Switches - Clicky...
  • Faster Than Legacy Mechanical Switches: Razer Optical switches use light-based actuation, registering key presses at the speed of light (30% shorter...
  • Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from 30plus...
  • Quality, Aluminum Construction: Covered with a matte, aluminum top frame for increased structural integrity

Razer’s optical switch is one to behold. Not only are they incredibly smooth in feel, they also deliver additional precision and durability. The linear option is buttery smooth — the clicky variation features some extremely crisp feedback. The latter can be loud though, especially since Razer decks the board out with their thick PBT keycaps.

As is Razer’s standard, the Huntsman Mini comes at a slightly elevated price. In turn, it does offer many luxury touches. Aside from the keycaps, the base and two-level kickstands feel sturdy too. Additionally, Razer offers one of the best RGB software suites for personalizing and synchronizing per-key RGB lighting. 

Royal Kludge RK61 — The budget-friendly contender

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, Royal Kludge offers some great bang for your buck. The RK61 keyboard is 60% of affordable mechanical prowess. Even at these lower prices, you’ll still get fully mechanical switches with per-key RGB lighting.  

RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wired 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit...
  • 💝Mini 60% Keyboard: RK61 mini 60% gaming keyboard is a ultra-compact layout with 61 keys makes you a neat desktop with your organized gears on,...
  • 🌟Brown Switch: Slightly quieter and easier to trigger than the Blue Switch. Halfway between a typing and a gaming switch.Some people prefer Brown...
  • 🌟RK61 RGB Keyboard: This 60% rgb keyboad has 18 RGB backlight modes, 8 monochrome backlight modes and 1 full color backlight. These modes will give...

The linear, tactile and clicky switches are Cherry MX clones from Kailh. Some might consider these cheaper knockoffs, but they are still quite reliable. Kailh guarantees durability up to at least 50 million keystrokes, which is considered the mechanical standard nowadays. The software needed to tweak the RGB lighting can be dodgy, but simple profiles can be tweaked straight from the board itself too. 

The quality of the keycaps and overall build are less than optimal, however. The plastic in question is still quite rigid, but it doesn’t feel all that refined. Considering the lower price, this will still get you quite a lot of keyboard for your money. 

Anne Pro 2 — Petite package, lots of luxury

Once an underdog, now a 60% staple. The Anne Pro 2 serves as the blueprint of what a solid small form factor keyboard should be. For a solid price, this board offers sturdy PBT keycaps, as well as additional Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Not only does it excel in mechanical feel, it’s also capable of connecting to many (mobile) devices.  

The board isn’t hot-swappable just yet, but Anne Pro solders on the usual three flavors of switches (linear, tactile, clicky), from either Kailh or Gateron. Especially the latter is favored among typists, with many claiming these surpass Cherry MX in key feel. 

ANNE PRO 2, 60% Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Gateron Brown...
  • Minimalistic design doing more with less. Requires less hand movement while still being able to access all the functionalities.
  • Compact and Portable . It saves desk space and easy to carry around. Fits right in backpack. Perfect for home, work and on the go.
  • Decent bluetooth connectivity enables wireless connection up to 4 devices and switch seamlessly back and forth.

The Anne Pro 2 also features incredibly vivid RGB lighting. Whether it bounces off the white backplate or directly through the keycaps, the LEDs look quite stunning. The proprietary software, ObinsKit, is easier in use than many offerings out there. Settings like lighting and macros can be stored on the keyboard itself, and will carry neatly over to any Bluetooth devices.

The 1900 mAh battery isn’t all that big, but it’s enough to render the Anne Pro 2 mobile. Even if you rarely sit down, game, and charge the keyboard back up, it will easily last a week on casual Bluetooth usage. 

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 — Small, yet sturdy 

HyperX is once again going for a more competitive minded angle. The Alloy Origins 60 is the smallest keyboard in their line-up of sturdy mechanical keyboards. Just like its bigger brothers, this board aims to be your trusty weapon of choice in battle. HyperX forgoes optional wireless connectivity, and instead offers extra durability.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Ultra Compact 60%...
  • [Petite 60% form factor]: Free up more room for your mouse with this supremely compact keyboard.
  • [Full aircraft-grade aluminum body]: The aluminum casing keeps the keyboard structurally sound and stable when the action gets intense.
  • [Double shot PBT keycaps with side printing]: The keycaps are designed with durable PBT material that is resistant to wear, friction, and solvents....

The Alloy Origins 60 uses HyperX’s own set of linear, tactile, and clicky switches. These often outperform Cherry MX in smoothness, while also guaranteeing a lifespan of up to 80 million clicks. Added on top of that, the keycaps are double-shot PBT with shine through, and neat side-printed legends. It feels great when typing, and even more so in gaming.

Overall, the build quality is exceptional. Even though the chassis seems almost low-profile, it’s all made from extremely sturdy aluminium. It might be small, but it’s almost unbreakable. 

As a side note, HyperX is not fully “there yet” when it comes to RGB lighting. The NGENUITY software still feels rather barebones. The LEDs themselves shine bright, but HyperX is left in the dust when it comes to customization and synchronizing peripherals. 

Cooler Master SK622 — Low-profile excellence

If you’re looking for the absolute smallest form factor, Cooler Master has a unique twist to the 60% options. The SK622 is not only compressed in surface area — it’s also lower in profile. Cooler Master opts for TTC’s low-profile KS32 switches (in linear, tactile and clicky), with neatly shortened keycaps.  

Cooler Master SK622 60% Wireless Bluetooth Space Gray Mechanical Low...
  • Low Profile Switches: A reduced travel distance and actuation point with the same signature durability and precision.
  • Portable 60% Layout: Compact layout and design, perfect for on-the-go use with mobile devices and laptops.
  • Hybrid Wireless: Choose between wired Type-C connectivity or Bluetooth 4.0 wireless for up to 3 devices.

The keycaps themselves are made of lighter ABS plastic, but are well-defined in shape and sound exceptionally soft-spoken with the shorter switches. TTC’s linear flavor still feels incredibly smooth, while the rapid responsiveness can benefit many speedy games. Even the stabilizers prove to be sturdy, making sure the lowered keys never rattle around.  

In addition, the SK622 is also wireless through Bluetooth 4.0. With two internal 2000 mAh batteries, it’s built to type and shine for weeks on end. The brushed aluminium top plate keeps the entire package rigid, and there’s even a velour carrying pouch included for safe mobility. 

As is custom for Cooler Master, all the lighting, macros, and on-board profiles can be customized directly through the board itself. The SK622 is also compatible with Cooler Master’s MasterPlus+ software, but this doesn’t add any features the board itself didn’t already have. 

Keeping it small, keeping it short

That’s it, that’s all! These are our favorite 60% mechanical keyboards. Whether you want a cost-effective package or a luxurious pre-build, we hope you found something to your liking. If you still need more advice — or should you have some recommendations of your own — feel free to let yourself be heard, in the comments section down below. We’d happily talk more shop on nifty mechanical keyboards.

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