AMD patents “Super Resolution” technology, answer to DLSS nears

It appears AMD’s own take on NVIDIA’s popular DLSS technology is nearing. The US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) recently publicized AMD’s request to patent a so-called “Gaming Super Resolution”. Although it’s unclear if this request from late 2019 is related to what AMD has called “FideliyFX Super Resolution” as of late, but either way: AMD’s smart upscaling seems to be closing in.

AMD had previously promised to release some sort of answer to NVIDIA’s DLSS this year. However, the chip manufacturer has kept its mouth shut about any specifics for months. Aside from the USPTO suddenly releasing this patent application, rumors of the technology nearing are becoming more common. Earlier this month, YouTuber Coreteks eluded to FidelityFX Super Resolution launching as early as June of 2021.

According to the YouTuber, who has reported on AMD scoops in the past, game developers have had their hands on AMD’s upscaling algorithm for some time. In addition, Coreteks stated that the technology wouldn’t be exclusive to newer AMD Radeon RX GPUs, or even GPUs in general. This statement seems to be corroborated in the patent application. In the lenghty document, AMD specifically talks about “a processor” doing the upsampling, not so much (specific components of) their own products.

Graphical image embedded in AMD's patent for a so-called "Gaming Super Resolution".

If this is the case, AMD’s Super Resolution technology could work on a myriad of devices, as well as non-RTX models of NVIDIA’s GeForce graphics cards. It appears AMD is aiming for a cross-platform approach with their own upsampling. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S might be able to make use of the technology too, considering both run on AMD’s own RDNA2 architecture.

AMD still hasn’t publicly said anything about the Super Resolution for months, but that could change anytime soon. If the technology is really meant to launch next June, we might hear more on AMD’s answer to DLSS at Computex 2021, which is happening from June 1st to June 5th.

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